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A Modern Herbal
A hyper-text version of A Modern Herbal, 1931, by Mrs. M. Grieve. Over 800 varieties of medicinal, culinary, and cosmetic herbs, including economic properties, cultivation and folk-lore.
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Misc Nutrients

by Hygrozyme Hydrozyme
The world's premiere horticultural enzymatic formula. Enzymes are natural and therefore enviro–friendly. They are catalysts and speed up chemical reactions. Enzymes in a growing medium can eat dead protein removing potential areas where illness can develop. Through this breakdown process plants are better able to obtain nutrients that are released by this process. More nutrients, less attacks, allowing plants to grow bigger, stronger, faster.
1L List - $36.99  20% off - $29.60
4L List - $136.95  20% off - $109.60

By Humboldt Nutrients Ginormous
Humboldt Nutrients has created the most powerful super-bloom booster on the market. Ginormous is the perfect solution for the gardener looking to maximize crop yield and quality. Your vegetables and fruits will be larger, even gigantic or Ginormous with this additive. Ginormous is the most advanced super-bloom booster on the market, designed to make even the most demanding gardeners ecstatic at harvest time.
CAN NOT be shipped to Canada
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1 qt, List - $29.99  20% off - $24.00
1 gal, List - $99.99  20% off - $80.00

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