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Sorrel, French

Botanical: Rumex scutatus (LINN.)

---Synonym---Buckler-shaped Sorrel.
---Part Used---Herb.
---Habitat---It is a common plant in mountainous districts, being a native of the South of France, Italy, Switzerland, Germany and Barbary.

This has a more grateful acid than Common Sorrel, and is therefore preferred for kitchen use in soups, especially by the French. Their Sorrel soup is made from this species.

It is distinguished from the Common Sorrel by the form of the leaves, which are cordate-hastate, very succulent, fleshy and brittle. The whole plant is intensely glaucous. The flowers are hermaphrodite, thestamens and pistils not on separate plants as in the Common Sorrel.

It is sometimes met with in Scotland, or in the North of England, but is a doubtful native.

It is said to have been introduced into this country in 1596.

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