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Skin Care

By Dawyn Cloud-Alter

Believe it or not our skin is considered to be a very important organ yet other than the face the rest of our skin often gets ignored. The skin itself has many purposes:

1. The skin protect our vital organs and tissues.
2. It protects us from the loss of fluids from our bodies, and keeps out many forms of bacteria.
3. Our skin is full of nerve endings. If you have ever received a burn, then rest assured your nerve endings were working correctly. These nerve endings send messages to
your brain letting you know oh ouch.
4. Sweat Glands

Yes this is part of your skin. The human bodies consist of millions of sweat glands. It has been estimated that we excrete about one pint per day. However, when you exercise such as cardiovascular activity you can excrete as much as 8 pints of liquid. These liquids consist of water, and waste. As funky as sweating may be, it is a healthy human function. You notice after exercise how good you feel, but how great your skin looks. The pores open and the toxins and waste are released.

Listed below you will find some basic skin care tips. Taking the extra few moments each day, will be well worth it. You will feel and see the results. This is one of the best things you can do for your skin.

1. Purchase a good skin/back brush. Be sure to purchase one that does not have bristles made of
nylon or plastic, then, 

Starting at the bottom of your feet scrub in a circular motion. Going up the front side of the leg, then hands arms etc, then do the back part of the leg and so on. Repeat on both sides of the body. Repeat this all over your body. Your skin is happy now. This process exfoliates (removes dead skin cells), and provides circulation to the skin and everything else underneath it. Then shower or bathe as usual.

2. Always use a fresh wash cloth on your face and body or you increase the risk of introducing bacteria to your skin.
3. Try not to use a wash cloth that has color to it.. Remember what you put on your skin enters it. It is a living organism.
4. Soap: Never use soap on your face, or commercial soap on the body. Most soap have a high lye/lard content. Most commercial soaps also use alcohol. Alcohol is very drying to the skin.
5. Moisturized right afterward. As we get older are bodies produce less oil so women may experience drier skin. I know that this has been true for me.
6. Remember when taking off makeup or just washing your face, the area underneath the eyes and the lips are very sensitive. Never pull or rub in the opposite direction. Read labels carefully. 

.Just remember if you have had a sore muscle or joint and applied an ointment think about the strong heating effect you have felt, and how the ache feels better. This is because the ointment itself penetrates into the skin and affects that sore muscle or joint. This holds true for anything you place on your skin. Remember your skin does a lot to care of you. Please be as kind and
gentle to it as you can.

Our skin takes a lot of abuse from the sun, pollution, toxins, etc. We tend to pay attention to the skin on our face and forget the rest of it. Please pay attention to it. Start taking care of your skin at a young age, so you can age with beauty and grace that you were meant too.

Dawyn Cloud-Alter has been in the field of human services for over twenty years, and a psychotherapist for eleven years.  She has a B.S. degree in Human Services, a Master Of Science Degree in Marriage and Family Therapy,  Certificate in Family Herbalsim from the Clayton College Of natural Health, and a member of the Connecticut Holistic Health Association.  She resides in Sandy Hook Connecticut with her husband Mark and their three children ages Justin age 16, Autumn age 11, and Cameron age 6.She provides individual consultations, workshops, lectures, and products.

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