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by Michael Taylor,

The newly discovered largest coast redwood (sequoia sempervirens) by volume. (note person at base of tree)

Location: Jedediah Smith Redwoods State Park along Mill Creek Basin
Height: 307'
Diameter 4.5' above ground: 23.6'
Volume: about 36,622 cubic feet or 440,000 board feet!

Discovered in June, 1998 by Steve Sillett and Michael Taylor, Tall Trees Club founders.
For information on tallest and largest trees, write to:
      Tall Trees Club
      P.O. Box 182
      Bayside, CA 95524

The coast redwood is the tallest known tree in modern times.

The mountain ash(Eucalyptus regnans) in Australia was taller, but tallest living now only 326'. Several exceptionally large specimens of coast redwood from the past, exceeded General Sherman(largest giant sequoia) in volume as well.

Tallest known coast redwoods measured by the Tall Trees Club:
All height accurate to (+ or -) two inches. Most of the trees listed were climbed and measured by direct tape drop. If not climbed, a Criterion 400 laser survey instrument was used, the most accurate know way to measure a tree without climbing it.

Name		Location			Height		Diameter
Mendocino	Montgomery Woods		367.5'		10.4'
Tree		(near Ukiah)
Harry		Redwood National Park	        366.3'		16.2'
Paradox 	Humboldt Redwoods		366.3'		12.4'
Tree		State Park
National	Redwood National Park	        365.5'		14.1'
(AKA 3rd tallest tree)
Swamp		Montgomery Woods		363.4'		9.9'
Pipe		Humboldt Redwoods		363'		14.0'		
Dream		State Park
Redwood	        Redwood National Park           362.2'		17.1' 
Lost		Humboldt Redwoods		362.2'		16.5'
Rockefeller	Humboldt Redwoods		362.0'		13.6' 
Muir		Humboldt Redwoods		362.0'		14.2' 

Tallest tree in the world is the Mendocino Tree. Height, 367.5 feet, diameter, 10.4 feet. growing in the remote Montgomery Redwoods State Reserve, 12 miles West of Ukiah, California, USA. The 367.8' "Tall Tree" in Redwood National Park has lost its top and is now only 358.2 feet tall.

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