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  8 Simple Ways to Go Natural in Your Daily Life
By Lisa Pecos
May 11, 2012

There are some wonderful things about the modern, technology-driven lifestyle. Our ability to stay plugged in aids productivity and communication, our ease of travel allows us to see more of the world than was ever possible before, and our breadth of shopping options means we can truly have anything (within our means) at any time. But despite these little perks of modern life, many people have a growing sense of dissatisfaction. There is a sense that something has been lost, and that there is a gap in our lives that modern conveniences do not fill.

Many things contribute to this sense of loss, but there is one that most of us have in common: a lack of connectedness with nature. Never in history have so many people been so out of touch with the natural world, and this has all sorts of effects society-wide as well as on a person-to-person level. If you often feel you are suffocating, lost, or vaguely out of sorts, there is a good chance that a shortage of nature in your life is a big contributing factor.

But while getting out in nature periodically is certainly important when it comes to reconnecting yourself with the world, you do not have to build this connection only during times when you can get away from work. You can do it in your daily life, without making any huge changes. Here are some simple things you can do to be more natural in your everyday life.

  1. Eat naturally: We are each very much in control of what we eat, and we are free to avoid eating foods that are highly processed, filled with chemicals, and manufactured in factories. Try to stick with foods that are fresh, organic, and local, and prepare meals as if all the ingredients were straight out of the earth. It may take a little more time to approach food this way, but your physical, mental, and spiritual health will benefit greatly.

  2. Take advantage of available nature: You might not be able to regularly get out to the ocean or the mountains, but you can take advantage of the little bits of nature that are around you. If you have a yard, do not take it for granted. And if there are parks near your home, use them for walks or just go for picnics when the weather is nice.

  3. Think about what you consume: In our consumerist society, it is too easy to forget that every time we buy something, we are influencing the world around us in a thousand small ways. When you are considering buying something, whether it is food, clothes, or some gadget, think carefully about what effects your purchase will have on the world. And if you want to live naturally, try to be a conscience consumer, and carefully think about whether you really need these items and whether they are good for the world.

  4. Look for ways to live more cleanly: Do you sometimes take a car on trips that could be walked or bicycled? Do you sometimes cut corners when it comes to recycling? Do your buying habits give you a larger carbon footprint than you would like? All of these questions are worth considering, and when you live a cleaner, lower-impact lifestyle, you will find that it makes you feel better in numerous ways.

  5. Set the example: Instead of looking to others for guidance on how to live healthily and naturally, make yourself the example to follow. Putting your ideals into practice can be challenging, but succeeding in doing so will give you the greatest feeling you have ever known, and your efforts will radiate out through everyone in your family and social circle. So instead of worrying and planning every little detail, just put it into practice. Consider your natural lifestyle a work in progress if need be, but start now.


Lisa Pecos writes about writes about natural remedies and natural approaches to family health. More of her work can be found here.


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