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Botanical Gardens

Australian National Botanic Gardens

Bamboo Habitat

Missouri Botanical Garden

Farm, Yard & Garden - is a marketplace for buying and selling various breeds of garden, flowers, plants, seeds, crops, forestry, wood, trees, nursery, landscape, fruits, horticulture, vegetables as well as agricultural jobs and a wide range of services.

Bonsai Empire - On this website we share information about Bonsai tree care.

Dave's Garden - Seed Sharing


Fall Cleanup Schedule and How-to

Garden Forever

Garden Guides

Gardening Tips and Resources - Gardening is a relaxing hobby that people of all ages and incomes can enjoy; whether it's through a small container garden on the back patio or an elaborate greenhouse setup, there is a garden for everyone.

Herb Garden Guide

Homeowners Resource Guide to Lawn and Gardens

Hood River Lavender Farm (The Lavender Farm)

Improve Your Home Garden

Jardins Sans Secret

KoverRoos - KoverRoos has been making breathable eco-friendly outdoor appliance & furniture covers since 1994 and launched in 1998.

Landscaping Kennesaw

Lost Mountain Lavender

Olympic Lavender Farm

Plants of Italy: a new gallery - Plantfinder – Images and local names of vascular plants: more than 7.600 species and 60.000 HD pictures of Italian plants.

Restoration Seeds - Farm-direct seeds are the best way to support family farmers. We sell what we grow and we know what we sow. Customers buy seeds from several farmers in one order. 100% Open Pollinated, Organic or Safe Seeds.

Rose Pictures - A great source for pictures and information on roses!

Traditional Herbs for Winter Interest

Seeds & Gardening Accessories from Carol Wright - Beautify your lawn and simplify growing your own fresh vegetables in the garden with these unique seeds & gardening accessories from Carol Wright Gifts.

Farmers & Growers


Traditional Herbs for Winter Interest

Gardening for Kids

Herb Garden Guide Gardening can be a great activity for children. Let your children pick which herbs they would like to plant and make it a family project.


Herbs For Breast Enhancement - Using herbs and foods for breast enhancement is really nothing new. This mastogenic effect has long been known and used in various cultures throughout the world dating back to the harem girls in the middle east.

Nutrition Degree Online - Nutrition Career Resources

Herbals/Herb Guides

Henriette's Herbal Homepage

The Search Engine for Gardeners - Search 170 online flower and vegetable seed catalogs, or 500 informative gardening websites for advice, tips and how to information.

Orchidaceae: A Guide to the Orchid Flower Family - Orchidaceae is normally called the Orchid family. It is a widespread and morphologically diverse family of monocots that is in the order of Asparagales. Scientists think that it is presently the biggest family of flowering plants with up to 26,000 accepted species across 880 genera. The quantity of species of orchids is presently double that of the number of species of birds and even four times the number of species of mammals. It makes up between six and eleven percent of seed plants.

Herbal Products

Buy Tincture - We source the highest quality in herbal tinctures for your use. Only tincture meeting our strict guidelines are listed on this website.

Herbs and Herbal

Carnivorous Plant Database


Texas A&M, Vascular Plant Image Gallery

U. of Washington Herb Garden

Publications and Webs

Landscape Design & Gardening Resource Guide - Gardening resource for learning a variety of cultivation techniques and species specific growing guides.

Seeds and Plants

Alliums - Eden Brothers offering extensive collection of unique and stunning allium bulbs for online sale. Choose from our wide selection of allium bulbs to plant for late spring and early summer bloom. Also enjoy free shipping and discount rate.

Aloha Seed & Herb

Angelgrove Tree Seed Company

Banana Tree

Bonsai Site

Burpee Seeds

Cook's Garden

Ficus Bonsai - Care guide for the Fig / Ficus Bonsai tree (Ficus Retusa / Ginseng)

Grass Seed - High purity grass and native wildflower seed for lawn, beautification, reclamation, restoration, habitat and pasture. No added inert matter or filler species. Planting aids, seed spreaders, mulch granules, Soil-Boost™ and more.

Johnny's Selected Seeds

Kentucky bluegrass seed - Nature's Finest Seed is a top seller of Kentucky bluegrass seed, the most common cool season lawn grass in North America.

Mountain Valley Growers

New England Seed Company

Park Seeds

Prairie Frontier Wildflower & Grass Seed

Richters Herb Specialist

Sage Seeds

Buy Seeds Online - One in three families now maintain at least a small residential garden plot. We are an online seed company that provides best quality seeds for fortunate gardeners of the state of California.

Stokes Seeds

Thompson & Morgan

Societies & College Departments

American Eagle Foundation

Herb Society of America

Miss State Entomology & Plant Pathology

Queensland Herb Society

U of Conn Dept. of Ecology & Evolutionary Biology