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A Modern Herbal
A hyper-text version of A Modern Herbal, 1931, by Mrs. M. Grieve. Over 800 varieties of medicinal, culinary, and cosmetic herbs, including economic properties, cultivation and folk-lore.
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Specials & Closeouts

Sun System 1 - MH1000 Remote Ballast
More info
remote ballast
1000 Watt Metal Halide Ballast
List - $251.95  - $105.00 - 1 in stock

Pure Blend Pro®
One Part, Stand Alone Hydro-organic Plant Food
Completely Organic
PURE BLEND Pro is a hydro-organic vegetative and fruit and flower formula which is a specialty custom blend of organic and natural sources of the essential major, secondary, and trace minerals in 100% soluble form from the land and sea. PURE BLEND Pro produces vigorous lush green vegetation and superior fruits, flowers, and vegetables. When compared to conventional chemical fertilizers, PURE BLEND Pro will provide increased nutritional values and is a healthy, environmentally friendly alternative.

Pureblend Pro, Grow - Vegetative (3-1.5-4)
Qt suggest list - $18.95  Close Out - $12.90
Gallon suggest list - $47.95   Close Out - $30.00

Pureblend Original - Grow (1-.5-1)
Pureblend is a compost solution blended with the select organic ingredients from the land and the sea. It contains a vast array of over 72 trace minerals, as well as an abundance of naturally occurring growth hormones (cytokenins and auxins). Pureblend also supplies vitamins, enzymes, amino acids, natural humates and organic plant acids. It is derived from seabird guano, bat guano, earthworm castings, fish meal, sea kelp, (ascophyllum nodosum) humic acid, fulvic acid, citric acid, raw sugar cane, agrimineral 72 silica clay extract.
1 Gallon suggest list - $32.50  - $22.75 - Out of Stock
2.5 gallon suggest list - $72.50  Close out - $33.00

Backdraft Damper Backdraft Damper
by Can-Fan
These newly developed back raft damper are manufactured with quality components and precision engineering. The back draft damper is used to prevent air from flowing through the fan (powered off) allowing contaminated air to escape the room.
   8  inch - $37.95   30% Off - $26.50 - 1 in Stock
   12  inch - $59.95   30% Off - $42.00 - 1 in Stock

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