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Propagation & cloning supplies

Seedling Heat Mat Seedling Heat Mat Super Sprouter
21" x 10"
  • Warms root area approximately 10° - 20° F over ambient temperature to improve germination process
  • Helps gardeners have better success rates with seedlings & cuttings
  • Perfect for one standard 10" x 20" propagation tray
  • Heavy-duty construction makes this mat very durable
  • More than 20% larger than competitive mats. This allows even warming of your entire tray
  • More consistent heating with fewer hot spots than other seedling heat mats
  • Ed Hume seal of approval
  • Dimensions: 21" x 10"
  • 20 watts
List $28.95   20% off - $23.00

Super Sprouter 2 Tray Seedling Heat Mat Super Sprouter 2 Tray Seedling Heat Mat Daisy Chainable
Mat design allows placing propagation trays end to end (instead of side by side) on this mat. A 4’ fluorescent light fixture will be perfect to provide supplemental lighting over this size area. Daisy chain your mats for ease of use. You can connect up to 10 mats together. 20 percent larger than competitive mats. This allows warming of 2 complete propagation trays to their edges.
  • Warms rooting area approximately 10-20° F over ambient temperature to improve germination process.
  • Helps gardeners have better success rates with seedlings and cuttings.
  • Heavy –duty construction makes this mat very durable.
  • Ed Hume Seal of Approval.
  • Dimensions: 12 in. x 48 in.
  • 60 watts.
List $51.95   20% off - $41.56

Seedling Heat Mat - Fast Gro 1 Flat Seedling Heat Mat - Fast Gro
11" x 24"
The Fast-Gro heating mat costs just pennies a day to operate & will provide amazing results. Greenhouse tests have shown that identical plants, cared for in exactly the same way, will grow up to three times faster when their roots are kept warm. In fact, if the air temperature is as low as 50 degrees, plants without root zone heating don't grow at all while those that do have root zone heating continue to thrive and grow!
Use with Thermostat below.
  • Germinate seeds faster - ideal for starting seedlings! Grow plants up to 3 times faster!
  • Keep soil temperature 15 to 20 degrees above room temperature - helps prevent root rot!
  • Perfect for use in cooler window boxes - saves on heating bills!
  • Water resistant construction - spills just wipe off!
List $29.95   20% off - $24.00

Seedling Heat Mat
From Hydrofarm Seedling Heat Mat
Extremely heavy-duty propagation heating mats can withstand lots of abuse. New Four-Tray size measures a whopping 20 inches wide by 48 inches long and uses 107 watts. Warms rooting area ten to twenty degrees farenheit above ambient room temperature. Waterproof construction. Easy-to-use instructions and tips on seed starting and cutting propagation printed right on the mat! For added flexibility and control, use the Hydrofarm Heat Mat Thermostat below.
Fully UL listed.

Heating Mat - 1 Flat
9" x 19.5" (17 watts)
Fits 1 seed flat

Heating Mat - 2 Flats
20" x 20" (45 watts)
Fits 2 seed flats

Heating Mat - 4 Flats
48" x 20" (107 watts)
Fits 4 seed flats

Heat Mat Thermostat

Heat Mat Thermostat
From Sunlight Supply
This excellent quality thermostat is designed to be used with the Super Sprouter™ Seedling Heat Mat or any other heat mat. Its precise control allows the user to closely control mat temperature & easily dial in the ideal germination temperature. Easy to use - simply plug the mat into the thermostat then place the temperature probe into your soil or other growing media. 120 volt grounded plug.
List $34.95   20% off - $28.00

Heat Mat Thermostat

Heat Mat Thermostat
From HydroFarm
  • Provides constant optimum temperatures for specific crops
  • Controls temperature in colder or warmer environments
  • Illuminated indicator light: 3-prong ground plug
  • Compatible with all heat mats: optional for seedling Heat Mats

Digital Temperature Controller for Heat Mat Digital Temperature Controller for Heat Mat
From HydroFarm
NEW AND IMPROVED - Our new heat mat thermostat is digital for greater accuracy.
  • Digital temperature controller for heat mats
  • Provides constant optimum temperatures for specific crops
  • Controls temperature in colder or warmer environments
  • Illuminated indicator light; 3-prong ground plug
  • Compatible with all heat mats; optional for Hydrofarm Seedling Heat Mats
  • Controllable range from 68 to 108 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Celsius or Fahrenheit read-out
  • Handles up to 1000 Watts
Heat Mat Thermostat Instructions - PDF 413K

Propogation Tray

Super Sprouter® Double Thick Trays 10 x 20
Super Sprouter® Double thick 10 x 20 tray is twice as thick as standard trays, ensuring it will last season after season. Don't let your hard work end up on the floor; protect your efforts by using double thick 10 x 20 tray.
$2.79 - Discount 20% off - $2.23

Economy Propagation Dome - 2 inch

Economy Propagation Dome - 2 inch
Economical plastic propagation dome (black Propagation tray in photo not included)
10 1/2" x 21" x 2 1/4"
$2.09 - Discount 20% off - $1.67

Propagation Dome with vents - 7 inch

Propagation Dome with vents - 7 inch
Excellent quality 7-inch tall propagation dome. Straight vertical sides allow use of all plant sites in a propagation tray. 2 vents in the top of the dome can be opened or closed. Built-in handle for easy removal. Fits snugly on a standard 10" x 20" propagation tray (black Propagation tray in photo not included).
$5.45 - Discount 15% off - $4.63

Ready-Gro plug

Readygro Super Plugs
A sponge like material, all natural soilless grow plugs are made of composted tree bark and organic materials. Biodynamic plugs are perfect for seedlings or cuttings. Transplant plugs in soil or soilless hydrogardening applications. Ready Gro Plugs are made through an advanced proprietary composting method and contain natural beneficial fungi from this advanced composting biotechnology. Seedlings and cuttings grown in these plugs can be transplanted days ahead of plants started in other media. They hold perfect air to water ratio.
Ready Gro Super plugs are biodegradable and 100% organic.
1 3/8" x 1 1/2" deep round Plugs
100 per bag - $20.00 - Discount $16.75

Propagation Sheet  - 40 Square holes

Propagation Sheet (Square holes)
40 cells - Top - 2", Bottom - 2", 2 3/4" deep
60 cells - Top - 1 5/8", Bottom - 1 5/8", 2 3/4" deep

Clonex Rooting Gel Clonex Rooting Gel
Clonex is a high performance rooting compound. It is a tenacious gel which will remain in contact around the stem, sealing the cut tissue and supplying the hormones needed to promote root cell development and vitamins to protect the delicate new root tissue. Clonex has a full spectrum of mineral nutrients and trace elements to nourish the young roots.
100 mL
$22.00 - Discount 15% off - $18.70

Olivia's Cloning Gell Olivia's Cloning Gell
Olivia's Cloning Gel is a balanced blend of rooting agents that are contained in a viscour, inert, water soluble gel base. The sticky Cloning Gel seals the fresh cuttings immediately and reduces transplant shock. Olivia's Solution used with Olivia's Cloning Gel gives complete results.
2 oz size
$14.95 - Discount 15% off - $12.75

Olivia's Cloning Solution Olivia's Cloning Solution
One of the most popular, easy-to-use rooting solutions available. Olivia's Cloning Solution is excellent for reckwool. or sailless nedia. "Goof-proof" formula offers consistent performance, eiliminating the need for powders, dips or other fertilizers.
Quart size
$12.95 - Discount 15% off - $11.05

For transplanting and rooting. POWER CLONE Liquid Concentrate contains all of the ingredients found in POWER CLONE Rooting Gel, however, it is formulated as a liquid. Although the Liquid Concentrate can be used as effectively as the Rooting Gel in all kinds of rooting media, the liquid is most beneficial in aeroponic systems and for transplanting potted or bare-root plants. The powerful, all-natural ingredients present in POWER CLONE Liquid Concentrate ™ offer long-term protection from transplant shock. In no time at all your plants will produce a profusion of healthy, robust roots and be firmly established.
Recommended dose for Power Clone Liquid Concentrate: 1oz. per gallon applied. Power Clone Liquid
Pint, List - $58.95  Discount - $47.00

POWER CLONE™ – Rooting Gel
For rapid, robust roots. Made for serious gardeners who prefer to use cuttings for propagating their favorite plants. POWER CLONE Rooting Gel™ was formulated utilizing the latest advances in plant molecular biology and DNA technology to make it the most effective rooting gel available. Now, you too can benefit from the most significant technological breakthrough in plant propagation even if you have never grown plants from cuttings. Just use POWER CLONE Rooting Gel™ to find out how easy it is to get a profusion of luxuriant roots from cuttings and acquire hundreds of your favorite plants for free! And best of all, the main ingredients in POWER CLONE Rooting Gel™ are 100% natural. It can be used with all kinds of rooting media.
Recommended dose for Power Clone: Just dip and plant as indicated on product label.
2 oz
List - $15.50  Discount - $12.40

Dip'N Grow Dip'N Grow
One of the most effective rooting hormones available. Propagators at nurseries and universities nationwide have increased their yields and found Dip'n Grow to be more economical and easier to use than other rooting agents. Liquid concentrate that is easily diluted with water to the necessary strength. Proven formula that contains both rooting auxins recognized as rot inducing (IBA and NAA), Alcohol is used as the solvent for the active ingredients so Dip'n Grow is self-sanitizing. Cross-contaminating problems are eliminated. All desired concentrations are obtained from one bottle. As a liquid concentrate it allows the rooting hormones to be absorbed into the cutting stem more evenly and easily, increasing rooting success over the leading powders.
2 oz.
$10.95 - Discount 15% off - $9.30

Dip'N Grow, pint
1 Pint
$53.95 - Discount 15% off - $44.80

5 inch Plant Stick Labels

5 inch Plant Stick Labels
Bundle of 100
    White - $3.50
    Orange - $3.75
    Yellow - $3.75
    Blue - $3.75
    Pink - $3.75

Surgical Disposable Scalpel

Surgical Disposable Scalpel
Use this individually wrapped sterilized scalpel for all your plant cuttings. A sterile scalpel will help prevent disease and damage to any cutting.
Each $2.95

Razor Blades

Razor Blades
10 Saftey edge razor blades

EZ Clone Machine
EZ Clone Machine 32 and 64 Plant Sites

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