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Hydroponic Systems

Hydroponic Systems for the indoor gardening, from General Hydroponics and American Hydroponics.

Power Grower
General Hydroponics
PowerGrower The new hexagonal PowerGrower features a great new design. It is 15 inches across the top and 15 inches tall and consists of a single growing chamber at the top with integrated reservoir below. The unique hexagonal shape enables growers to place units close together when plants are small, and then separate them as the plants grow.

General Hydroponics Rainforest
Vortex Sprayer lifts and oxygenates the nutrient solution, and then gently distributes it over cuttings bases or root systems.

Eco Grower 17 Gal. Drip System
General Hydroponics Eco Grower
The Eco Grower incorporates an air driven "spider" drip system and uses the same revolutionary hexagonal reservoir with removable six inch lid inserts. Each lid insert will accommodate one 6" net pot that can easily grow very large plants.

Water Farm
General Hydroponics Water Farm
This extremely reliable system has proven itself over the last 25 years! Grow one large plant or up to five small ones. It increases oxygen to the roots for vigorous growth and healthier plants.

General Hydroponics EuroGrower
The EuroGrower utilizes modern European technology in a simple easy to use home system. This affordable kit features 8 pots & new large 40 gallon reservoir. You can grow either numerous small plants or one large one in each of the 2 gallon capacity buckets.

Turbogarden - 22" x 36"
General Hydroponics Turbogarden - 22
Experience faster growth rates, higher yields, increased nutritional value, heightened fragrances, and ease of maintenance with the fully automated Turbogarden™.

American Hydroponics
Bigfoot The Bigfoot Hydroponic Garden - This new Ebb & Flow system has all the benefits of our tried and true Econo Systems, with a more convenient size. Constructed of UV stabilized, impact resistant ABS plastic, it will last for years. Perfect for the gardener living in small quarters, this system is available with or without a table flame and comes complete with all necessary plumbing.

One & Two-Tray Econo System
American Hydroponics
One Tray Econo-System shown with 30 gallon reservoir The One and Two Tray EconoSystem is a sturdy, quality-built Ebb Flow-type hydroponic system designed for the grower on a budget. Built around our popular 3'x3' ABS tray, the EconoSystem includes "just the basics." Many growers told us they wanted us to make a system that included just the hardware so they could customize the rest to their liking. With plenty of space to grow with, this system is ideal for virtually any type of plants, veggies or flowers. And with the Two-Tray EconoSystem, your available growing space doubles to 2,592 square inches.

Hydroponic Systems for the indoor gardening, from General Hydroponics and American Hydroponics.

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