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Misc - Air Circulation Accessories

LuxPro PSP300 Programmable Digital Thermostat New!
LuxPro PSP300 Programmable Digital Thermostat
Programmable outlet thermostat allows control any 120 volt device up to 15 amps. Use with a fan or air conditioner for cooling purposes. Also may be used with a space heater for heating purposes. Separate programs for heating and cooling. Setting Range 45°F to 90°F (7°C to 32°C) with F/C selectable. Temporary temperature override and a manual hold.
   • Adjustable temperature differential/cycle rate.
   • Mode slide switch and a positive on/off switch.
   • 120VAC outlet powered.
   • 12 hour clock only.
   • 2 G13A size 1.5V alkaline batteries included (for clock only).
   • On-screen low battery indicator.
   • Battery free memory storage.
   • 5 minute short cycle protection.
   • Time and temperature alternate in display.
$74.75 - Sale $63.75

Duct - Non insulated 25 ft.
Duct - Non insulated 25 ft.
2 stainless steel clamps included
   4  inch, list $16.95   Sale $14.45
   6  inch, list $22.95   Sale $19.55
   8  inch, list $29.95   Sale $25.50
   10 inch, list $35.95  Sale $34.00
Specify 4", 6", 8" or 10" size.

2000 SR Ducting
2000 SR Ducting
The 2000 SR Series Ducting is specifically engineered to handle unconditioned are. The 2000 SR Series can withstand high heat, high humidity and excessive CFM's without any duct failure or fatigue. 2000 SR features a triple laminate with industrial grade foil casting for durability, and an ultra-smooth double sealed core for frictionless and silent air flow. The "Carbon Black" inner core does not reflect light. "Rip-stop" prevents tearing, galvanized spring steel maintains duct shape and prevents rust. The SR Series is c-ETL-us certification tested and verified to conform to UL181 standards. Made in Canada! North America's best quality product. It's engineered for what you need.
   8  inch, list $51.95   Sale $44.20
   10  inch, list $65.95  Sale $56.10
   12  inch, list $133.95  Sale $93.00

SR Insulated Ducting
SR Insulated Ducting
ThermoFlo Technologies 'SRB' series is an industrial quality insualted duct manufactured "tough" for consumers' and installers' peace of mind. It consists of a three ply polyester laminate, fiberglass reinforced scrim, galvanized spring steel wire, wrapped with fiberglass insulation, which provides an outstanding combination of strength and tear resistance. A heavy duty fire retardant black polyethylene vapor barrier adds extra durability. The insulation reduces heat loss & condensation.
25' length
   6  inch, list $70.95   Sale $60.35 - Out of Stock
   8  inch, list $91.95   Sale $78.20 - Out of Stock
   10  inch, list $111.95  Sale $95.20 - Out of Stock
   12  inch, list $133.95   Sale $107.20

Bug Screens
Bug Screens
Active carbon inserts proven to catch all bugs, mold and mildew.
Minimal air flow restriction.
Easily slips on and off inline fans.
Mildew and UV resistant.
Custom fit 4, 6, 8, 10 and 12 inch sizes.
   4  inch - $9.95
   6  inch - $11.95 - Out of Stock
   8  inch - $13.29
   10  inch - $14.95
   12  inch - $16.95

Silver Flex Duct Tape
Silver Flex Duct Tape
A 2 mil., heavy duty, high strength aluminum foil coated with a specially formulated pressure sensitive acrylic adhesive system. Will not leave behind messy adhesive residue. Use it to make your ducting to fixture connections air tight. Also used to seal any air gaps in reflectors.
Length 5 yards

EcoPlus Flange Kit EcoPlus Flange Kit
These flange kits are used to vent air through a wall or ceiling. Mount the flange kit to the wall or ceiling, then attach your duct work to the flange. Also for use with Sun Huts.
   6  inch - $9.95   $8.00
   8  inch - $10.95   $9.35
Specify 6" or 8" size.

Fantech Speed Control
Fantech Speed Control with on-off switch (5-Amp)
$24.95 - Sale $20.35

The Speedster The Speedster Variable Fan Speed Control
The Speedster™is great multi purpose speed control. Three settings include off, on (full) and variable. Simple use the dial to increase or decrease fan motor speed. 120 volt/15 amps. For use with brush type motors only. 90 day warranty.
$27.95 - Sale $25.45

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