NOTE - This is posted as historical informaton only! For current medical information, call your local Poison Control Center. For a medical emergency, call you local authorities.

Stedman's Shorter Medical Dictionary

Poisons & Antidotes
by T. L. Stedman, M.D., Wilcox & Follett Co., 1942

Symptoms: During inhalation there is first excitement with sharpened sensations, then depression and loss of consciousness; finally paralysis, stertorous breathing, blue lips slow, weak, and irregular pulse, widely dilated pupils. When swallowed there is burning pain in throat and stomach followed soon by exhilaration, then unconsciousness; the vomitus has odor of chloroform and is sometimes bloody.

Treatment: Hypodermic injection of strychnine, whiskey, or ammonia: enema of strong coffee and whiskey; artificial respiration and oxygen; when swallowed, use stomach lavage.

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