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Corn, Indian
Corn, Indian
(Zea Mays)

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Corn Silk

Botanical: Zea Mays (LINN.)
Family: N.O. Graminaceae

---Part Used---Flower pistils.
---Habitat---Sub-tropical countries of the world. and cultivated in warm climates.

---Description---The stigmas (fine soft, yellowish threads) from the female flowers of maize from 4 to 8 inches long and of a light green, purplish red, yellow or light brown colour, stigmas bifid; the segments very slender, frequently unequal, nearly odourless, faintly sweetish taste.

---Constituents---Maizenic acid is present in the dried corn silk; also fixed oil, resin, chlorophyl, sugar-gum extractive albuminoids phlobaphine salt, cellulose and water.

---Medicinal Action and Uses---A mild stimulant, diuretic and demulcent, useful in acute and chronic cystitis and in the bladder irritation of uric acid and phosphatic gravel; has also been employed in gonorrhoea. In action like Holy Thistle.

---Preparations and Dosages---Infusion 1 in 10), 2 fluid ounces. Fluid extract of maize stigmas, B.P.C., 1 to 2 fluid drachms. Syrup of maize stigmas, B.P.C., 2 to 4 fluid drachms. Mazenic is given in doses of 1/8 grain.


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