Editor's Introduction...

In 1993 I typed about 1 or 2 pages of "A Modern Herbal" into a data base (AskSam) for my own use as a reference. It proved so useful, I bought a scanner and OCR software, and scanned a few more pages. This became quite addictive, and after a year, 6 hours a day, the 860 pages were in the data base. I found it so helpful, I was felt guilty keeping it to myself. By then, 1994, the web was starting to take off, so I started adding the html code (by hand) to the scanned version. This took about 6-8 months, at which time, 1965, I posted it on the World Wide Web.

The web page is done only out of love for information. It barely makes the cost paid to the ISP. I make no profit from the site, it contains no cookies, nor does it collect e-mail addresses. I have tried to keep the electronic version of "A Modern Herbal" as faithful to the original printed version as possible.

I hope you find the information as useful as I have.

This web site is dedicated to Mrs. M. Grieve, who wrote "A Modern Herbal" in 1931, and to all thouse who love Nature.
        Ed Greenwood
        Arcata, California

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